So what is “Think if you can” all about? Well, I am a self-rightoues and entitled zealot.  I really, at least in word and thought, demand what is mine by law, right, or creed.  I also demand that hippocrites repent from their double standardizing ways.  I also feel the need to expect everyone to be held accountable for their deeds.

More things you might want to know.  I am an extroverted and intuitive, thinker who can be both a perciever and a judge, depending on the context.  I am annoy in both modes…  I either always want to add my own improvments and see connections that most people deem as nonsequitors, or I am a no holds barred judging jerk.  Add in some impulsive outbursts with insufficient accounting of others emotions, and you may just get me to some degree.

I also am feircely loyal to a fault, proud, and always trying to improve myself.

PS: I am a geek.  6 computer related certifications, former chess team and trivia team member, and a full out gamer and band geek.  I also LARPed…  and honestly miss it some times!  My wife also accuses my of being an internet hypochondriac, which I admit I have a problem but not sure it is really hypochodriases.


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